Why You Should Update Your iOS and Android Apps Before Launch Day

Jade Hill

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Jun 27, 2017

Why You Should Update Your iOS and Android Apps Before Launch Day

Every year, Apple and Google release new versions of their operating systems. It can seem cumbersome and expensive to make changes every summer, but by doing so, you can attract and retain customers, as well as improve workforce efficiency. In all reality, it can cost you more if you don’t update your apps.

As the new iOS 11 and Android O operating systems go live, Apple and Google will handpick a few apps to be featured in their stores. When these new operating systems are launched, each company will look to show off apps that take advantage of the new technologies that they worked so hard to create.

Winning a coveted feature spot will increase your app’s visibility, resulting in more downloads. Having your app featured indicates that it is up to date and of high quality—something that is particularly important as users update their phones and expect to be able to take advantage of new technology.

Earn Free Press

While Apple and Google may be the best place for that stamp of approval, they are not the only ones who highlight new and improved apps. The Verge, WIRED, TechCrunch and other media outlets often promote updated apps. As launch day approaches, many of these publications will feature the apps that take advantage of exciting new technologies—things like ARKit and Core ML in iOS 11, or adaptive icons in Android O.

Much like App Store features, press attention from external news sites drives interest in what you have to offer and encourages new users to download your apps. That said, users will not stay long unless you provide something worthwhile, which leads us to our next point.

Improve the User Experience

User experience should be a prime focus, as customer retention, reviews and recommendations are an essential factor in your app’s growth. By improving this customer experience, you make sure that your users remain interested. Few things are more irritating than opening an app, only to find that it has limited functionality—or none at all—with the new OS.

Build Workforce Efficiency

Workforce apps allow your employees to access your company’s systems and complete day-to-day business from their phone or tablet, rather than requiring access to a computer. With mobile apps in the workforce, managers can view real-time information related to their employees’ productivity, field workers can access documents or training information from anywhere, and salespeople can create and sign contracts on the go.

And nothing stops a business faster than a technology failure, so it is vital to ensure that the apps your employees depend on are updated for launch day.

Get the Chance to Experiment

There is no better time to experiment with new technology than when said technology is brand-new. Take chances on what the new operating system has to offer, before you have to play catch-up with your competitors. Finding new and exciting ways to incorporate business chat, augmented reality or picture-in-picture mode will put you at the front of the pack.

Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 11 and Android O

Every year, you get the chance to improve your user experience, increase your chance of major publicity and experiment with new technology. Make sure you’re taking advantage of these yearly updates to stay relevant in the competitive technology space and drive your business forward.

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