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Howdy. We’re Big Nerd Ranch.

Life on the Ranch is a little bit different. We’ve got cowboy hats and VR rigs side by side. We love to teach and are always learning. And, we can’t help but bring your best ideas to their best life.

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Who We Are

The BNR Difference

Our values didn’t spring fully formed from a corporate retreat worksheet. They were built upon organically over the years, and only written down once we realized we were already living them day in and day out.

Brilliant & Curious

We ask all the questions we can think of and come up with some amazingly innovative answers. We know that continuous improvement and adaptation make us the perfect partners for our clients.

Hard Working & Accountable

There’s nose to the grindstone and then there are our Nerds. Not only do we put our all into every project and course, but we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Kind & Authentic

It’s simple. We like being around good people and showing them compassion, empathy, and respect. This is as true for our clients as our coworkers.

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Who We Are

Our History

In 2001 we started out with not more than the hat on our head and a humble goal in our heart—teach the best damn programming class the world has ever seen.

Since then we’ve taught thousands of students a multitude of programming languages, built world-class apps, and are still working to be the best we can possibly be.

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings unrivaled expertise and unbridled enthusiasm to every aspect of their day-to-day.

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Who We Are


Keep up with the latest from BNR. Industry news, press releases, and the occasional humblebrag.

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Who We Are


For us, a Nerd is anyone that is authentic, kind, curious, and hard-working. If you fit that bill, then we’d love to chat about our Nerdy jobs!

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Customer success stories

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Navy / SoarTech

Navy F/A-18 fighter pilots need access to vital information quickly – traditionally this information is a literal stack of documents on their kneeboards. We worked with the Navy to conduct Industrial Design and UX Research into the human-factor challenges of digitizing a paper kneeboard and collaborated with a military contractor (SoarTech), to create a proof-of-concept demo.

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Machine Learning from Concept to Product

A pharmaceutical applications company wanted a way to easily verify that the right pharmaceutical product was in the hands of the right patient. When our client approached BNR, the idea was still in the theoretical phase. We worked closely with them to not only prove the viability of the product but to design and develop a solution that utilized machine learning.

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Consumer Facing

Smithsonian Channel

Big Nerd Ranch delivered an app that incorporates best-in-class Android development and UX standards. We added new, unique features such as Chromecast integration and social sharing functionality, helping to improve content discoverability and increase content consumption.
– App rating improved from 4.0 to 4.3
– Active devices increased 43%
– The number of total downloads increased 29%

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What our clients have to say

Big Nerd Ranch built such a reliable platform that it barely needs any management; users have adopted it without complaint. The team was opinionated but efficient: when a project lead left at an inopportune moment, nobody missed a beat. They avoided red tape and got right to work.

Construction firm, CIO

The sales app produced a double-digit increase in sales per representative within the first year. Big Nerd Ranch’s key strength was their ability to really listen and build accordingly; they were very skilled at bringing product ideas to life.

Director of Marketing, Orkin Pest Control

Big Nerd Ranch’s team provided valuable business development services by helping establish best practices for the internal software development team. Their team communicated frequently and addressed challenges promptly, allowing for a professional and successful partnership.

President and Co-Founder, PartCycle Technologies

Who We Are

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