Between Two Nerds: Building a React App

Are you a developer looking to learn to React for front-end development? In this live coding session, our two nerds will team up to guide you through the process...

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Leadership Training Pt 1: Emotional Intelligence for Engineers

Do you ever wonder why some technical professionals thrive in leadership roles, while others never get the chance to lead? Do you see people around you with the lesser...

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Leadership Training Pt 2: Problem Solving, Decision Making and Meetings

Problem-solving and decision making are part of your daily activities, yet do you follow a tested method in obtaining a solution that works for everybody? Do you view problem-solving...

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How Competency Mapping Can Unlock Tech Skills in Your Organization

Join this 60-minute webinar as attendees learn: Why you should be mapping the skills of your tech team How skills maps work like computer games How to get more...

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How Startups Can Develop Successful Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Web

Do you have an awesome mobile app idea but aren’t sure how to get started? If you’re preparing to enter the highly competitive app market but have little to...

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