React Essentials

In this 3.5-day course, students craft responsive websites and tame complexity through maintainable user interface components. Students get a very brief refresher on CSS, HTML, and Javascript as they dive into the React framework. Students then learn the ins and outs of the React framework so that they can build solid, responsive React applications.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Native developers who want to create a web presence that supports an app, grow a user base, and collects user feedback.
  • Backend developers who need to create full-stack web apps.
  • Web developers transitioning to ReactJS.

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Who Loves Our Curriculum

Value for My Employer

“Awesome learning experience that will add value to me and my employer.”

Alpharetta, GA

React Helped Me Learn iOS

“Read and learn the basics of swift and xcode in order to be able to work on very simple iOS work tickets at work. ”

Boston, MA

Engaging Instructor

“[The instructor] did well at conveying the information. She would use a combination of slides, prepared material, then doing demos and investigations on the fly. I appreciated the combination since it kept things interesting and not mechanical.”

Austin, TX

Our clients
React Essentials

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