iOS Essentials Corporate Training


If you’ve already mastered procedural and object-oriented programming and need a fast-paced introduction to iOS development, this course is for you. With this five-day bootcamp, you’ll be building elegant and efficient iOS apps in no time.

Who is this class designed for?
  • Android or web programmers who want to learn iOS programming.
  • iOS programmers who want to brush up on the latest iOS trends and technologies
  • Prior experience in either a procedural programming language (such as C, Pascal, VB, or PHP) or another object-oriented platform (such as Java or C#) is strongly recommended.

Without prior experience in either a procedural programming language (such as C, Pascal, VB, or PHP) or another object-oriented platform (such as Java or C#), this class may prove to be extremely challenging. Excellent typing skills are necessary to successfully complete this course.

Swift programming
Write a program using Swift’s elegant and safe code.

User interfaces
Learn how to set up elegant user interfaces easily and use Auto Layout to ensure that they work on any device.

Camera and photos
Create an application that can access the user’s photos or use the camera to take new photos for use within the application.

What you’ll learn:

  • Setting up text input fields on the iPhone and move the virtual keyboard onto the screen
  • Pulling data from a web service for use in an application and storing that data on the device
  • How to handle touch and complex multi-touch sequences
  • Properly configure your user interface to handle multiple device orientations and device rotation
  • Using Auto Layout to create user interfaces that work on any device
  • Using Core Data for data persistence

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Awesome Materials

“I thought the materials were awesome. They’re thoughtfully put together, and accessible for someone working on their own.”

San Francisco, CA

Great Presentation Style

“Great presentation style (relaxed and patient), pace (fast but adaptable). Answers to questions were thoughtful and well presented.”

Boston, MA

Now I can contribute
to iOS projects

“I wanted to move myself closer to a place where I could contribute to an iOS project if one comes up. I feel like I could join an existing iOS project as a Jr member and not be totally loss. With another month of full time practice, I think I could be a solid team member.”

San Jose, CA

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iOS Essentials Corporate Training

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