Advanced iOS Corporate Training


This 5-day class explores advanced iOS development topics and will teach you how to maximize the performance of your new and existing iOS applications. Prepare your brain for an influx of Swift and iOS programming knowledge.

Interoperability with Objective-C
Understand how Swift and Objective-C work together in a project and familiarize yourself with how Xcode translates Objective-C to Swift.

Learn about the LLDB tool for debugging and profile your application for memory, CPU and view hierarchy issues.

Improve performance
Leverage Xcode’s performance-tuning Instruments and perform work concurrently with operation queues and Grand Central Dispatch.

What you’ll learn:

  • Various tools for document-based and multithreaded architecture
  • Create iOS extensions
  • Record video, process barcodes and synthesize speech using AVFoundation
  • Create custom animations for transitions between view controllers
  • Take advantage of unit testing
  • Create your own UIs with custom Layers and Core Graphics

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Who Loves Our Curriculum

Yet Approachable

“Very knowledgeable instructor yet approachable; there was a good balance between lectures and hands-on exercises helping us to get a better grasp on concepts and experiment ourselves.”


Learned from

“Learn iOS and Swift development, from scratch. Yes, this was a great introductory course with a nice variety of projects and topics covered. Thank you!”


Confidence was
the Goal

“My goal was to learn enough about iOS to feel confident in working on an iOS project. That goal was definitely met.”


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Advanced iOS Corporate Training

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