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Dec 6, 2017

Big Nerd Ranch Ranked as a Top UX Agency in Atlanta

Big Nerd Ranch Ranked as a Top UX Agency in Atlanta

Big Nerd Ranch is pleased to announce its rating in Clutch’s annual research on the Top Atlanta UX Agencies. Among the factors being rated is Market Presence where Big Nerd Ranch received a score of 9.7 out of 10 – the highest score compared to other ranked companies. When asked to provide insight on design serving as a competitive advantage, Big Nerd Ranch’s Director of UI/UX, Angie Terrell responded, “It is critical that all projects lead with design. Our Designers are experts in both user experience and visual design in all platforms. They take great care in identifying the target users, their goals, and their expectations. This understanding leads to the best designs and build of the application.”

Big Nerd Ranch views design as much more than graphics and imagery, it governs how their clients’ users and customers respond to any app they build. For this reason, it is important for the Big Nerd Ranch Design team to be engaged at the onset during a client’s discovery phase so they learn about the client’s business and their customer firsthand.

Here is what a couple of clients had to say about Big Nerd Ranch’s ability to create a highly adopted app, as well as their ability to understand their business needs:

“Big Nerd Ranch built such a reliable platform that it barely needs any management; users have adopted it without complaint….when a project lead left at an inopportune moment, nobody missed a beat. They avoided red tape and got right to work.”

-CIO, Construction Firm

“The sales app produced a double-digit increase in sales per representative within the first year. Big Nerd Ranch’s key strength was their ability to really listen and build accordingly; they were very skilled at bringing product ideas to life.”

-Director of Marketing, Orkin Pest Control

Big Nerd Ranch strives to create exceptional products and experiences for their clients, while adding value to the sustainability of the developer community. According to CEO Stacy Henry, “Big Nerd Ranch credits their Market Presence rating, in part, to the trust they have built with the developer community over time.  Big Nerd Ranch’s coding bootcamps cultivate professionals who become pillars in the developer community.  Through employment and contracting jobs, that trust is inherited by the developer teams of Fortune 500 companies.”  Nineteen of the world’s top 25 apps were built by developers trained by Big Nerd Ranch.

Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm covering companies in Atlanta and around the world, examines thousands of companies based on their market presence, their previous work experience, and their proven ability to deliver excellence to their clients. Perhaps most importantly, the Clutch team speaks directly with current and past clients to conduct reviews to hear first-hand how each firm performs.  Big Nerd Ranch continues to maintain their 5-star rating.

About Big Nerd Ranch

Established in 2001, Big Nerd Ranch specializes in client app development and expert trainingfrom the brightest developers and designers in the industry. Our developers and designers are also instructors, teaching immersive bootcamps that have improved the careers of thousands of developers, while supplementing their training with The Frontier screencast subscription service. Trusted by Fortune 500s and startups alike, our app development services have helped clients across the globe grow their businesses and engage their customers. We write best-selling books that guide the mobile industry, setting the standard for mobile development and helping developers stay up to speed on the latest and greatest across a range of platforms.


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