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Aired on: March 1, 2019

Digital Product Development: How UX and Brand Identity Drive Loyalty

Join two leaders from Atlanta’s digital and brand management community as they discuss how User Experience and Brand Identity can make or break how your users engage with your app or digital product. Design thinking starts with the users, then work backwards. Stacy Henry, CEO of Big Nerd Ranch and Craig Johnson, CEO of Matchstic share insights from working with some of the top brands in the world as they build or modernize their digital products.  What worked? What was missing? Why was one company more successful than the other?

Attendees will gain:
Insight into some of the metrics and KPIs that technology service providers tie to User Experience
Real world examples of companies who have tied success to their investment in creating a thoughtful User Experience
A critical path to build buy-in and loyalty from your user

Matchstic is the brand identity house of the South. We believe that identity is essential, and to stand out in your space you have to know who you are. Our work does just that—helping you uncover and express what makes your brand unique and how you can drive your vision forward.

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Digital Product Development: How UX and Brand Identity Drive Loyalty

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