Why Your Company Should Invest in Professional Development

For some managers, it may seem like a risky investment to offer professional development to employees. The fear is that the company will have paid to have their employees trained and the employees can then take their new knowledge elsewhere. 

But, when employees receive the training they need in the subjects they want to learn and that will help them do their jobs better, the returns exceed monetary spend.


of employers offer professional development and education as an employee benefit.



higher profit margins for organizations that invest $1500 or more on training per employee per year average than those with lower (or nonexistent) training budgets.

Training your employees is important. You know that.

Most employers do train their employees when they first start in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills to do their jobs effectively. 

This type of training is considered functional training, which can be as simple as training a new employee on expectations, or as complex as a multiweek bootcamp to bring new recruits completely up-to-speed on all of the nuances of a particular project that they will be working on. 

Training that occurs when an employee first starts in their role allows them to get acclimated to the company and to the work and prevents mistakes in the long run. 

It also ensures that they feel prepared to step into the role as quickly as possible and enact positive change for the organization. 

But what happens once an employee has been trained the first time?

Start your professional development program today.

If you’re looking to train several employees at once, Big Nerd Ranch offers on-site corporate training, where your team will learn from our experts in the comfort of your own office. For individual developers and designers, we also offer bootcamps at our locations in Georgia and California. Both options provide distraction-free app development or design training in just one week.

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Training attracts employees and encourages loyalty.

Most employees see professional development as a benefit, which may give your company a competitive advantage over others in the job search. By offering training, you will attract employees who are looking to better themselves—and this is the kind of employee you want to have. 

And, once a potential employee has accepted a position, they are more likely to feel valued if their employer is willing to provide training and professional development. As a result, employees feel more loyal to the company and are less willing to leave for another position.

53% of millennials say learning new things or having access to professional development opportunities would make them stay at their job.

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