Common Challenges That Will Sink Your App Development Project

Here at Big Nerd Ranch, we believe in transparency from the very beginning, and we always want to save our customers’ resources wherever possible. Here you’ll find five common issues that will sink your project, as well as some basic steps to take to avoid having them impair our work, ultimately costing you more time and money. Training that occurs when an employee first starts in their role allows them to get acclimated to the company and to the work and prevents mistakes in the long run.


App Development is Like a Ship

Designing a custom mobile application is a lot like captaining a ship—it can get complicated fast, especially as the winds begin to shift.

Transparency from the Very Beginning

Here at Big Nerd Ranch, we believe in transparency from the very beginning, and we always want to save our customers’ resources wherever possible.

A model ship on a wooden shelf

Be Prepared to Set Sail

Before an app development project starts, we want to identify a list of prerequisites. Do you have pre-existing designs for your app? Make sure we have them. Is there a specific API that needs to be used? Send over the documentation. Is every member on your company’s side able to start right away?

Having information like this in hand before kickoff allows us to avoid stalls and costly guesses around important information. By making sure that you take the time to collect and provide the necessary information and resources, your team here at Big Nerd Ranch will be able to confidently weigh anchor as soon as possible.

Don’t Expect the Ship to Sail Itself

A ship, like your app development project, will not guide itself. We are experts in app development and design, but we are not the experts in your business. In order to deliver the best app possible, we need your input as an expert on your company and your needs. 

We work with our clients very closely throughout the entire development process to ensure that the app we’re building supports the needs of both the business and the users. In order to be successful, you will need to give your project dedicated attention and focus and provide not only a high-level vision at the start of your project, but also sustained direction and input as we work to develop the app together. 

Often this means weekly or even daily interaction. If you cannot devote this amount of time and focus to the project, it is vitally important that you dedicate someone on your team who does have the time and empower them to make decisions on your behalf.

Anchors Aweigh!

For more than 15 years, hundreds of clients have trusted Big Nerd Ranch to build their apps. Set sail with us on your app development project. By avoiding the common pitfalls mentioned here, you will be well on your way to a smooth voyage and a successfully developed app. We strive to ensure that the work we complete meets the business needs of our customers and we can get do the same for you. Please get in touch to learn how we can help you reach your destination.

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A model ship on a wooden shelf
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