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This 1.5-day course teaches students how to write apps for the most popular mobile operating system on the planet using the Jetpack Compose UI framework. Students will learn Android best practices that would otherwise require years of experience to fully understand. 

Who Should Take This Course

  • Android developers who are looking to dip their toes into Android’s new declarative framework in order to create interactive UIs.

  • Students in this class should already be familiar with basic programming concepts, the Kotlin programming language, and the basic components of modern Android development.


  • Become familiar with Google’s new declarative UI toolkit for Android: Jetpack Compose.

  • Learn how Compose differs from the Android Framework UI Toolkit and how to set it up in an existing app.

  • Add components to your UI using composables like Text, Button, Image, and CheckBox.

  • Use Row and Column to arrange content in a composable.

  • Use LazyColumn to quickly create a scrollable list of items.

  • Learn how to create your own composable functions.

  • Use Modifier to set attributes like background color, padding, and click listeners on a composable.

  • Learn how to use state and recomposition in Compose to automatically update your UI.

  • Explore how to show dialogs in a declarative fashion.

  • Explore how Compose-only applications can be built without libraries like AppCompat and Fragment.

  • Set styles on your Composable UIs with MaterialTheme.

  • Explore CompositionLocal variables to access information that affects your UI.

  • Use Kotlin coroutines to asynchronously update and observe data in your Compose UIs.

  • Use the SideEffect API to safely perform work in your composables.

  • Integrate navigation into an app in order to navigate between different Compose screens.

  • Learn how to use Compose’s interoperability to use Compose in your existing UIs and to use framework views in your composables.

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