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The goal of this 1.5-day course is to provide students with best practices around testing, refactoring code to be more testable, and writing good tests. To achieve this goal, students will practice writing tests throughout the course.

Unit Testing

  • Refresh on the foundations of unit testing with core mechanics

  • Refactor existing code to be more testable

  • Explore testing with a network

  • Isolate testable code units with code contracts to improve testability and defect resiliency


UI Testing

  • Test user interfaces to validate functionality

  • Understand how accessibility features can make your UI tests more resilient to interface changes


Testing Philosophy

  • Single responsibility principle (SRP)

  • Identifying what to test

  • Writing good tests

  • Understanding test-driven development


Testing Automation

  • Automating behaviors and tests locally and remotely with git and GitHub Actions

  • iOS developers using Swift or Android developers using Kotlin with at least 6 months experience building apps are ideally suited for this course.

  • Experience working with asynchronous code and web services is strongly recommended.

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