We’re Taking the Ranch Online – Part 1

Eric Wilson

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Apr 23, 2020

We’re Taking the Ranch Online – Part 1

While we continue to believe that there’s no substitute for immersive, in-person training, we recognize that, unfortunately, the current situation simply does not allow for the kinds of gatherings that have made our trainings such a success. In an effort to meet you, our students, where you are, we’re going to start offering more virtual and online offerings. 

And while we’re no strangers to a remote culture, moving our training online is a new endeavor for us. Our goal is to provide the same level of training quality and intensity while offering you a new way to access our world-class training materials and instructors. Our goal is to be the best place to learn about or level up on mobile programming, and we don’t want that to change now that we’re online.

Introducing Virtual Workshops

One of the ways we’re moving into online training is our virtual workshops. They are designed to allow you to set aside an afternoon to learn a concrete set of skills that you can immediately begin applying to your work. 

After you’ve signed up and found yourself a comfortable and quiet working space, you log in for a focused session with a seasoned Big Nerd Ranch instructor. You’re introduced to topics through engaging lectures and then you’ll practice the skills in a lab, right then and there, just like you would in a Big Nerd Ranch bootcamp. 

By the end of the session, you’ve created the mental pathways that will allow you to apply the skills you’ve just learned on your current project (or your next one). You’re a little tired but you feel the accomplishment of having leveled up your skills, and maybe you’re even so eager to try them out that you start tinkering with your latest project. 

For these workshops, we’ve taken some of our most relevant and sought-after content and distilled it into a 4-hour session that teaches you a tightly honed set of skills around a specific topic. For about 10 weeks starting May 12, we’ll be running one workshop every two weeks on a different topic in iOS, Android, Web, Design, and Product. You can view and register for the workshops on the Big Nerd Ranch website here.

Because of these unprecedented circumstances, we’re offering these workshops at the introductory rate of – $200 – as opposed to our normal workshop price of $250. You’ll also have the chance to earn additional discounts through promotions, so keep an eye on our social media posts for those chances.

We know we’re venturing into new territory with this effort, but we hope to have you along with us for the journey. And for those that have been unable to join us, for whatever reason, we hope these classes provide the right balance of accessibility, rigor, and intensity. 

Because this is new for us, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think about the offerings, what offerings you want to see more of, and what’s working (and not). Keep those emails coming to

Eric Wilson

Author Big Nerd Ranch

Eric joined Big Nerd Ranch in the spring of 2019 to lead the training initiatives and brings a wealth of experience in both training and consultancy work.

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