New Website: Continuing the Mature Evolution

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Jul 9, 2019

New Website: Continuing the Mature Evolution

New Website: Continuing the Mature Evolution

Big Nerd Ranch is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website! Along with our rebranding earlier in the year, the new site is a continuation of the mature evolution of our brand.

Why A Website Redesign?

Revealed 04/01/2019, our Corporate Rebrand meant updating our new color scheme, aesthetic presence, and of course, our signature hat. Redesigning our website was an integral piece to the puzzle. As we continue to evolve as a company, it is crucial that our brand stands out in the industry while being consistent across all platforms. 

At Big Nerd Ranch, we offer a unique presence in an industry not usually known for warmth. We want our brand to represent the originality of our Nerds and the intricacy of their work. Big Nerd Ranch stresses the importance of infinite reimagining, and we challenge our team to think outside of the box. Since the mobile development market is saturated with technology service providers (TSPs), Big Nerd Ranch wants to show that we do things differently.

What Can You Look Forward To?

The Big Nerd Ranch website was designed with the user in mind, featuring a streamlined interface, search functionality, and, of course,  mobile compatibility. Our site presents web visitors with a seamless experience, efficiently guiding them toward their desired resources while maintaining the personality of Big Nerd Ranch. Visitors will have a new source for industry news and thought-leadership from our growing inventory of free On-Demand webinars, popular blogs, and RSS feeds connecting visitors with 3rd party, pre-filtered media outlets.

The site is designed to focus on the problems and needs of our audience, and how we solve those problems. We are fortunate to have worked with clients who have successfully launched their new digital product to the market, or those who have caught up to their competitors by modernizing their product. We want to use the site as a platform to share their success with the tech community.

Visitors will be able to get to the information they need quickly. For example, our popular blogs will be more accessible. Our clients and alumni will get direct access to the Hero Community, a digital community designed exclusively for our clients and alumni who want to stay engaged with Big Nerd Ranch consultants, and others in the tech space.

To date, Big Nerd Ranch has made many contributions to the digital product development (DPD) market. Historically, we were only known for training via our best-selling books and immersive bootcamps. The new website will help communicate how we are servicing the market today. 


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