Big Nerd Ranch Named as Top 5 UX Agency in Atlanta

Nikki Porter

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Dec 6, 2017

Big Nerd Ranch Named as Top 5 UX Agency in Atlanta

Activist John Burnside once said, “That’s the wonderful thing about nerds: They’re enthusiasts. Not having a life means you get to love things with a passion and nobody bothers you about it.”

At Big Nerd Ranch, we are proud that our team is so enthusiastic and passionate about the projects that we get to work on. We partner with amazing clients to bring their visions to life via technology, and together we create amazing results. That’s exactly how Big Nerd Ranch landed a spot on the highly respected Top UX Designers in Atlanta list that was recently published by Clutch.

So why is this a big deal for us? It’s because Clutch is a global leader when it comes to ranking and referring technology companies to small to mid-sized businesses from around the world. They scour the globe to find the most reputable and accomplished tech companies and then create a leader’s matrix list made up of those who stood out in the crowd. From there, they announce this list so that companies can find the tech help they need based on location, budget and technology focus. Out of the dozens of companies Clutch reviewed, Big Nerd came out as one of the top!

Customer reviews are an important part of this process so that Clutch can confirm that the tech companies are reliable, easy to work with and that they deliver results. Here are some of the incredible things that our clients said about Big Nerd Ranch to gain us recognition:

“I can’t quantify how valuable it is that Big Nerd Ranch not only helped us build the initial product but they helped us establish best practices for our own software development team.… Today, we are able to build significantly faster and with higher quality than any of our competition.”

  • President & Co-Founder, PartCycle Technologies

“Big Nerd Ranch stands out as the best company I’ve worked with in my 30 years in the industry. They delivered on time and within our app budget consistently.”

  • CFO, Care+ Ventures, LLC

“Big Nerd Ranch is a team full of great listeners. Even more so than that, they’re very solutions-oriented and not only do they build great products and develop smartly, the work they do at the requirements and discovery stage is what sets them apart.”

  • Director of Marketing, Orkin Pest Control

In our minds, a nerd is someone who is hardworking, dedicated, visionary, daring and excited about being the best in a certain field. We are nerds working with clients who are nerds and we’re rocking the competition. It’s like Bill Gates once said, “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”

From product ideation to distribution, Big Nerd Ranch is world-renowned for building best-in-class mobile solutions. We’d be delighted to work with you on designing and building your UI, APIs, or all of it towards an app that positively impacts your business goals.

Steve Sparks

Reviewer Big Nerd Ranch

Steve Sparks has been a Nerd since 2011 and an electronics geek since age five. His primary focus is on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS development. He plays guitar and makes strange and terrifying contraptions. He lives in Atlanta with his family.

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