Advanced Python Corporate Training


Take on advanced Python programming techniques in our four-day class. This course starts with a brief review of Python programming basics and then dives into more advanced aspects of the Python language.

With a focus on practical application, this training targets core features of the Python language, along with data processing, systems administration and package management.

Who is this class designed for?
  • Developers trying to deepen their knowledge of Python and seeking to write more idiomatic code. This is a language course; it does not cover frameworks.
  • Those who write or maintain Python frameworks are good candidates, as are those trying to optimize their Python code and make better use of the data model in Python.
  • A solid foundation of the fundamentals of Python programming is required.

Comprehensive Python training
We start with a quick survey of the Python language and move rapidly to advanced topics like the detailed inner workings of the Python object model, functional-style programming, meta programming and the descriptor protocol.

Testing and debugging
Learn how to test and debug Python programs with a focus on doctest and unittest modules, the Python debugger and profiler, and the logging package.

Python 3
We’ll look at what’s new in Python 3, along with migration strategies, new data processing features and the 2to3 conversion tool.

What you’ll learn:

  • Creating and using user-defined objects in Python
  • The Python I/O system
  • Tools and techniques for effective data processing
  • Packages and distribution
  • The inner workings of objects
  • Metaprogramming
  • The Descriptor Protocol
  • Iterators, generators and coroutines

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Advanced Python Corporate Training

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