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The web is the ubiquitous app development and content delivery platform. In this 4.5-day course, students craft responsive websites, build a node.js backend, and tame complexity through maintainable user interface components. We give them a solid foundation for today's web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, ES6, Node.js, ReactJS. Students don’t leave knowing only those tools; they are prepared to pick up and apply whatever the web ecosystem throws at them in years to come.

Bootcamp Price: $4200

Bootcamp price includes hotel, meals, and a shuttle to and from the hotel.

In the Atlanta area? Interested in commuting to class? Contact to discuss commuting options and discounts.


  • Native developers who want to create a web presence that supports an app, grows a user base and collects user feedback.

  • Backend developers who need to create full-stack web apps.

  • Enterprise developers building applications that need to work on any device or screen.


  • Basic understanding of object-oriented or functional programming is expected.

  • Software development experience is necessary, though it does not have to be with JavaScript.

  • Build responsive, mobile-friendly websites using HTML and modern CSS

  • Respond to user events with JavaScript

  • Handle asynchronous data

  • Split your interfaces into easily-managed, reusable components using the React framework

Building Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Websites

  • Style and lay out an application with HTML and modern CSS.

  • Create a responsive web page with Flexbox and Media Queries.

  • Implement visual effects and animation using CSS3 transitions.

  • Write JavaScript functions to respond to user interactions with the page.


Building Backends with Node.js

  • Build a simple HTTP server.

  • Manage module installation and build steps with npm.


Creating Web Applications With React

  • Split your interfaces into easily-managed, reusable components using the React framework.

  • Utilize JSX to describe how the interfaces should be rendered.

  • Persist and synchronize state between components using React hooks or redux.

  • Asynchronous data fetching with component lifecycle methods or thunk.

  • Manage the state of your application using the latest libraries and techniques.

  • Manage routing with React Router.

  • Use Bootstrap React Components for faster and easier development.


Writing Effective JavaScript with Design Patterns and Build Tools

  • Use HTML5 form elements to create a coffee order form.

  • Ensure correct input via the Custom Validity API.

  • Access remote server data using AJAX.

  • Handle asynchronous events, including data fetching, with Promises and async/await

Click this link for a print-friendly syllabus.

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