Slingshot Hosting Broken

Charles Brian Quinn

1 min read

Jan 22, 2007

Slingshot Hosting Broken

It’s not often that we here at Highgroove Studios make mistakes (joke), but the Slingshot Hosting Application was broken for a few hours recently.

I added several new plans (based on our customer feedback), wrote tests to ensure that they worked, and then checked the code back into our repository so I could deploy:

    cap deploy

All was great until one of our customers notified me of an error when trying to order one of these new plans! What I should have run was:

    cap deploy_with_migrations

Easy to fix, and even easier to push out changes! Problem solved.

Not using Capistrano yet? Sign up with Slingshot and get a customized capistrano deployment recipe file and our very own slingshot.rb library that makes setting up your application a breeze.

Juan Pablo Claude

Reviewer Big Nerd Ranch

During his tenure at BNR, Juan Pablo has taught bootcamps on macOS development, iOS development, Python, and Django. He has also participated in consulting projects in those areas. Juan Pablo is currently a Director of Technology focusing mainly on managing engineers and his interests include Machine Learning and Data Science.

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