Power up with our Swift and iOS 8 Roadshow

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Oct 27, 2014


Power up with our Swift and iOS 8 Roadshow

Are you in Chicago or Austin? Do you want to get up to speed with Swift and iOS 8? We can give you a huge boost up the learning curve.

After all, we’ve been hard at work digesting Swift since Apple announced it, and we’ve shared a lot of Swift and iOS 8 tips and tricks right here.

But how can you get at that knowledge and experience first hand? Register for one of our courses. There’s still time to catch the final stops of our Swift + iOS 8 Roadshow in Chicago and Austin!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Level up to iOS 8: You will add some of the most important iOS 8 technologies to sample apps, with expert guidance at every step. The class starts with Size Classes and Adaptive Controllers, then adds Handoff and Extensions, all the way through CloudKit. Your instructor will add live demos, showing some of the new tricks (and gotchas) in Xcode 6. The code is in Objective-C, so you can rely on your experience and focus only on the new APIs.

  • Swift One Day: We take an in-depth tour of Swift with a series of talks that will demonstrate the similarities and differences between Swift and Objective-C; we’ll also highlight the new capabilities that Swift introduces to iOS and Mac development. By the end of the day, you’ll be able to map familiar concepts in Objective-C to Swift, and will have worked with several examples. You’ll be comfortable using Playgrounds, and ready to take off in Swift.

Powering Up

I watched nearly the entire 105 hours of WWDC videos so you don’t have to. The other Nerds and I have been arguing about Swift, writing sample applications, trying out new APIs and learning hard lessons, and we’re ready to share what we’ve learned with you.

Our final stops on the Roadshow are in Chicago, Nov. 6-7, and Austin, Dec. 11-12. Register now to claim your seat.

Can’t make it? We teach a number of excellent iOS classes that will build your expertise. Our Beginning iOS with Swift bootcamp covers the foundations of programming on Apple’s iPhone and iPad platforms using Swift. We have an Objective-C version of the course as well, if you’re not quite ready to shift gears to Swift. We even have Advanced iOS classes, if you’ve shipped some apps and are looking to reach the next level.

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Steve Sparks has been a Nerd since 2011 and an electronics geek since age five. His primary focus is on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS development. He plays guitar and makes strange and terrifying contraptions. He lives in Atlanta with his family.

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