Look What’s Coming…

James Edward Gray

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Aug 27, 2006

Look What’s Coming…

Just wanted to make sure Highgroove customers and fans are the first to know, my new book is official:

James’s Book on TextMate

If you’re living under a rock, TextMate is the wildly popular text editor for Mac OS X shown off in most Rails screencasts.
It even won the covetted Apple Design Award for Best Developer Tool just a few weeks back.

I’ve been heavily involved with TextMate development for some time now and am excited about the opportunity to show you how to really get the most out of it. The book will cover beginning to advanced editing techniques, built-in automations and how to create your own, even how to teach TextMate new languages. I promise, there’s something for everyone in here.

Some time ago I read a “10 Best Things You Can Do as a Programmer” list and one of the points on that list was: Learn one text editor very well and use it for everything you can. I believe that’s great advice and TextMate was my pick. I’m now ready to pass that knowledge on to all of you!

You’ll be seeing even more news about this book very soon now. (Weeks, not months!) Stay tuned…

Zack Simon

Reviewer Big Nerd Ranch

Zack is an Experience Director on the Big Nerd Ranch design team and has worked on products for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100s. Zack is passionate about customer experience strategy, helping designers grow in their career, and sharpening consulting and delivery practices.

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