Attending the BrandCamp Workshop

Charles Brian Quinn

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May 27, 2010

Attending the BrandCamp Workshop

I just got back from Matchstic’s May BrandCamp – a 2-day intensive workshop for companies on branding, and specifically for helping companies define their own brands.

I am so excited about what we learned about Highgroove, and what makes our team so unique and special, when compared to all the other software development shops. It used to be our differentiator was Ruby and Rails, but with so many other companies now realizing the competitive advantage (or at least claiming they know it), we’ve come to realize that our clients love us for many many other reasons. The fact that we’re experts in Ruby and Ruby on Rails is only one of many factors.

I’ll be blogging more about what we’re doing to help solidify our brand – the brand we already knew and had, but now has become so much more clear.

Angie Terrell

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Angie joined BNR in 2014 as a senior UX/UI designer. Just over a year later she became director of design and instruction leading a team of user experience and interface designers. All told, Angie has over 15 years of experience designing a wide array of user experiences

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